The Traditional Gift Guide-What to Get The One You Love

I am always on the look out for ways to make my life easier. Being without a personal assistant or secretary (which by the way would be just about the best present I… Continue reading

Look of The Day: Sandra Bullock

This week’s pick was an easy one for Giorgena and I. There was very little of our usual back and forth critique, Sandra Bullock was our winner, hands down! Giorgena said “You know I wasn’t… Continue reading

MRS. LEMONTREE’S GUIDE TO GOOD MANNERS: The Very Best Way to Begin and End Your Day!

Would it not be more refined and honest to live a little better everyday and make less a parade before company” Eliza Farrar (1834) I received an email last week from a reader who… Continue reading

Look Of The Day: Jennifer Aniston

Giorgena and I had such a kick last week doing our look of the day, that we have decided to do it as a regular feature. We decided that our ‘prestigious’ award goes… Continue reading

The Art of the Glove In The Age of H1N1

It’s everywhere you turn. Swine flu, vaccinations, H1N1, priority clinics. It is hard enough trying to decide what is the best way to protect your kiddies, let alone think about your own safety. Keeping your… Continue reading

Look of The Day: Claire Danes

I could have been doing something a little more productive this morning (like laundry, cleaning, dusting, you know all that ‘fun’ stuff) but I was lucky enough to catch my good friend Giorgena… Continue reading

Style Icons that Inspire

Todays post has been inspired by a great guest post over at one of my favourite blogs, Social Climbers (if you haven’t already visited Beth Dunn at Social Climbers, you are missing out!). Invited… Continue reading

My Home Ec Teacher Would Be Proud!

I try to do my part when it comes to bringing my own reusable bags to the grocery store but sometimes I have to run in for some last minute thing and I… Continue reading

It’s About That Time-Preparing Your Christmas Card List

Christmas is less than 8 weeks away and now is the perfect time to get a leg up on the holiday madness that is just peaking around the corner. The first Christmas that… Continue reading

Ivanka Trump Makes a Perfect Choice!

I am not a big fan of ‘the Donald’ so I don’t usually pay very much heed to anything with his name attached to it but I got an email today from my friend… Continue reading