The Shoe Journals: Tales of the Well-Dressed Foot (09/26)

Dear Diary,
     the sky has been painted with a gloomy grey today, a far cry from yesterday where had I not known better, I would have thought that we were smack dab in the middle of summer. The sunshine and a warm breeze were begging me to take lunch outdoors to a nearby patio where I came across one of my favourite ‘ladies who Sunday brunch’, doing the very same thing! When she saw me eyeing her tres pretty silver peep-toes, she mentioned that she had actually packed them away along with the rest of her summer wear (which she said she does religiously come Labor Day) but ran to her closet and dug them out when she glanced out the window and realized that this might be her toes last chance to feel the sun for awhile. Under the wrong impression that I was going to hand out a style scolding for donning cropped pants and summery shoes in late September, I applauded her for knowing when to break ‘the style rules’ if only for one sunny, solitary autumn day!
SHOES Via Spiga
Fierce Fall Shoes