5 Delightful Places to Visit in…..Princeton, NJ with Lena Leson

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This little college town boasts bucolic lawns and ivy-covered libraries, but it’s also home to some of my favorite independent shops and restaurants on the East Coast. Without further ado, five truly delightful places to visit when you’re in the mood for an F. Scott Fitzgerald reverie!
The Bent Spoon
With flavors like chocolate habanero and raspberry-lemon sorbet, there is no better place in Princeton to get a scoop of something sweet. I love the coconut sorbet so much that I ask friends to pick me up a pint or two when they’re visiting San Francisco! And if the line at Bent Spoon is just too long, check out Thomas Sweet and Halo Pub, also local institutions.

In a preppy haven like Princeton it’s rare to see the likes of Proenza Schouler and Alexander McQueen, but this is where I cut my teeth on designer clothing. I blew my allowance on Diane von Furstenberg dresses and Miu Miu skirts (to say nothing of the Repetto ballet flats) in high school, so it’s a good thing I still wear the same size!

Small World Coffee
Every college student craves caffeine, and even though Small World opened a second shop, they can barely keep up with the demand. In addition to serving exquisite espresso, they feature local art and a new musical act every Saturday night.

Witherspoon Bread
Once you’ve picked up a perfect caffè latte at Small World, grab a brioche bun with pastry cream–you can thank me later.

Princeton Record Exchange
No matter your musical tastes, there’s also something you just can’t leave without at the Record Exchange. I usually pick up vintage opera recordings, and my dad goes crazy for their rock collection on vinyl.

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