The Shoe Journals: Tales of the Well-Dressed Foot (09/04)

Dear Diary,
     the house is quiet once again! The kiddies all made it safely back to school this morning and I was left with a full day of getting reacquainted with myself.
It could just be my fading memory playing tricks on me but for the most part, I remember my elementary school teachers were not what I would have considered the most stylish of ladies. A bit on the ‘plain jane’ side with their scholastic hairdos (usually tied back in buns), sedate wardrobes and sad to say, dreadfully boring shoes. But the delightful teacher that greeted my daughter and I this morning was an absolute knockout, right down to the sweetest pair of shoes I have ever seen on a teacher! While we sloshed around in wellies and waterproof shoes (school started this morning with a bang of thunder and a mini monsoon!), this lovely lady skilfully teetered around on one heavenly pair of platforms!

Shoes I am wearing: Nine West (similar here and here)
Style Icon: Rita Hayworth
Favorite shoes in my closet: Sky-high black platforms

What fun have you and your ‘well-dressed foot’ been up to?
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