‘A New York State of Style’ with Ellen Lubin-Sherman (08/28)

For a gal who is always on the lookout for stylish inspiration, it doesn’t get any better than the streets of New York for a little sartorial stimulus. Unfortunately, living almost 500 miles away can put a slight  damper on my ‘Big Apple’ style observations and no amount of begging will convince my better half that a weekly visit to the city that never sleeps is all in the name of research.
Can you imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that I (and of course, you my dear readers!) will have the opportunity to follow around our very own stylish New Yorker, Ellen Lubin-Sherman and ace photographer Chris Jorda, on her chic jaunts around NYC and beyond, all while she imparts her simple suggestions on how to step up our very own style game.
Prepare to be inspired by the lady who knows a thing or two about being fabulous!

Connect with Ellen Lubin-Sherman at The Essentials of FabulousFacebookTwitter and you can always drop her a line right here at askellen@lilylemontree.com 

images courtesy of Chris Jorda
“How tempting it would be to wear dark colors on a rainy day. So practical and expected.

When the weather is bad, I choose the brightest and cheeriest pieces in my closet.  While the skies may be dark, I want to increase my personal wattage and communicate a quirky outlook.

These two photographs were taken on an especially rainy day.  White jeans and a white shirt accented by a green belt, a pair of khaki sneakers and an old cotton camouflage tote purchased years ago.  I felt like a zillion dollars in the downpour.”

Ellen Lubin-Sherman literally wrote the book on how to be fabulous. The Essentials of Fabulous is available on Amazon.com, Kindle, iTunes and select shops across the country.  To find out more about Ellen, go to www.essentialsofabulous.com