In Love With…..Hester van Eeghen ‘Cafe Clutch’

I have always had a wee obsession with clutches and love when they rear their pretty little heads into current trends. Something about their sharpness and clean lines, I automatically envision a tall,  ‘cool drink of water’ of a woman with one of these sleek envelopes gracefully tucked under her arm.

Maybe it’s the electric colour, maybe it’s the animal skin but there is just something about the ‘Cafe Clutch’ by Hester van Eeghen that I just can’t get out of my mind.
I can see it all.
Paired with a crisp navy silhouette (this is my daydream so I am dreaming in navy but feel free to choose any hue that tickles your fancy, this delicious green will go with anything!), shades on, cocktail in hand, ready for fun and frivolity!