A Wish List….inspired by Grace Kelly

Yes my friends, the rumours are true! Sky Blue Events / Prep School 101 is now live and we have joined them and the Entertaining House today in shouting it from the rooftops! Please take a moment to visit with them as all three of us take a closer look at the enduring style of Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly, the iconic Hollywood ice princess, who in turn became a real princess, has always epitomized the classic east coast American style-understated elegance with just a dash of quiet sexiness to ease the frost off of the ice.

A style that has transcended time, her look is just as desirable today as it was in the days of ‘Rear Window’ and ‘To Catch a Thief’. Her wardrobe staples (camel coats, pencil skirts, twin sets, starched blouses with the collars popped, loafers and capri pants) are timeless classics that would seem right at home in anyone’s 21st century closet.

Grace Kelly knew that quality over quantity was always best and worked with a ‘capsule wardrobe’, a base of high quality, fabulous pieces always in constant circulation in her closet made stunning and chic by a bounty of accessories. Before her days as Her Royal Highness with a royal pocketbook, she understood how to add polish to her simple, elegant look by mastering the power of the re-invention when it came to her clothes.
Not afraid to be seen in something twice, her fans and the press were never the wiser on this subject due to her ability to transform a simple pair of denim capris and a sweater into something fresh with a new pair of sunglasses and a headscarf (preferably Hermes for the Princess). Simple jewellery like her favored strand of pearls and the famous Kelly bag were also key pieces that were in constant rotation in her wardrobe. To learn a little more about the iconic Kelly bag, hop over to the Entertaining House for a fab read!

While soft creams and pastels ruled her wardrobe with the occasional appearance of navy or dark brown, the basis of her colour choices centered around neutrals suited to her complexion, an easy road for any of us to follow. Like all other icons of style, she learned early on what worked for her and used it to her full advantage, a lesson we could all benefit from.

A wishlist inspired by …..

1. Dara Ettinger round faux studs – Charm & Chain
2. Faux pearl necklace – Charm & Chain
3. Belted coat – Warehouse
4. Vintage Hermes scarf
5. Fleurissimo – Creed
6. Dolce & Gabbana macrame dress – Browns
7. Vintage Hermes ‘Kelly’ bag – 1st Dibs
8. Camel check Burberry umbrella – STYLEBOP.com
9. Matthew Williamson sunglasses – The Corner
10. Versace two toned patent leather pump – NET-A-PORTER.com