In Love With…the Perfect Holiday Skirt

As I desperately try to get back to some sort of regular schedule, I thought I would ease my way back into daily posts with a peek at one of my faves for this holiday season and definitely a must have for any properly stylish wardrobe.

I have grown a new found appreciation for Talbots and their new look this season, especially when I come across pieces like this gorgeous taffeta full skirt. Perfect to pair with a cashmere twin set, starched white shirt (collars up!) or a Audrey Hepburn-ish short sleeve, knit turtleneck. Easy-peasy holiday dressing with a dash of Betty Draper style.

Available in a few colours to choose from and this gorgeous plaid, you will have to use your self control to walk away with just one. Poor Lily lacks that self control and is awaiting the delivery of three of these lovelies to take me through the holiday season!