Psst….I Have a Secret

I dream of having my own bedroom.

Now, I want to go on the record saying I love my husband and he is a wonderful man. With that said, he is a very restless sleeper and on occasion he has been known to snore something awful. I, on the other hand, require complete stillness, darkness and silence to get a good night’s sleep.

I don’t need to make it a permanent move either, just a room where I can escape to every once in awhile for some quiet time and a nap (or a 10 hour sleep marathon!).
I voice my desire occasionally to my husband but he doesn’t seem to get it and looks at me like I am joking around so I daydream in silence now.

A few days ago, I was reading a hilarious post written by the ever so charming Mrs. Bliss at Housewife Bliss (click on the link or here) about the trials of escaping for a few moments of solitary bath time and it got me thinking about it once again.

I figure since I have shared my little secret with all of you, there is no harm in occasionally showing you some images of what my daydreams look like!

source unknown
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courtesy of Alkemie

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I know this is fantasizing in a very large way but what post on my dream bedroom would be complete without some images of Jackie Kennedy’s White House bedroom! Does it get any better???
JBK Bedroom White House 1962
JBK Dressing Room White House 1962
JBK Sitting Room White House 1962