Bathtime Indulgence for the Chocolate Lovers!

I have banned chocolate in the Lemontree household. Not that I don’t love the stuff but I always find myself going a little overboard during the holidays.
With all the chocolatey treats in the house, I find it irresitible and can’t stop myself from nibbling here and there whenever the mood strikes me (and yes the mood strikes me all the time!).

While I have had to dispense with any of the edible chocolatey delights, I have found a way to satisfy my olfactory needs.

These delicious bath products perfectly combine two of my favourite things, the divine smell of chocolate and a pampering bath.

These Philosophy shower gels smell absolutely heavenly, I have had to force myself out of the tub!
And if these are not enough, for the ultimate in chocolatey ambiance, keep a few of these on hand.
I just love bath bombs, the way they get all fizzy as they melt away in the water. Sometimes, I throw one in some water just to watch it bubble away. These bath bombs look good enough to eat!
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