Look of the Day: Gwen Stefani

It is -15 degrees Celsius (or 5 Fahrenheit for our American friends) outside my door today and it has been that way and colder for the past 10 days here in the GTA. Maybe that is why we were both really drawn to this ‘keep warm’ outfit when we chose Gwen Stefani for the Look of the Week.

I am not a big fan of Ms. Stefani’s usual look, a little too offbeat and rock-chic trendy for my liking but I couldn’t help coveting this look that she sported in London a few weeks ago.  Classic pieces (olive green overcoat with some military touches, plaid scarf, shiny wellies) when you really look at the items individually but when they are thrown together on a woman who is obviously very comfortable in her skin and with her unique sense of style, that is where they take on a different, trendier meaning.

“She has an edge – perhaps it’s the military green with the bright red in the scarf.
This is a modern day outfit for the grown-up – yet forever fashion-conscious – punk rock girl. I love how it pays homage to 1980’s days gone by with colour selection and definite UK influence (love those shiny Wellingtons!) yet she doesn’t look like a grown woman who can’t let go of her youth because she’s incorporated modern trends like the oversized scarf, crisp lines and of course the Wellies I just mentioned.”-Giorgena

What do you think of Gwen Stefani’s Look of the Day?