Look of the Day: Christina Ricci

We have been playing it a little safe here at Lily Lemontree these last few weeks and yesterday we were called on it. While discussing our potential picks for the Look of the Day, it was brought to my attention by none other than my partner in fashionable debate, Giorgena, that lately I had been prone to choosing beautiful, albeit safe looks.

No, I said to her, it couldn’t be, me of all people, choosing ‘safe’ instead of ‘fashion’, but as the day passed and I started to mull over my choices of late, her voice started to resonate in my ears. Her words to me were ” This is the thing, sometimes we go with nicely fitted, sensible, appropriate, etc., and that is all good stuff for the people we’ve become ( wives, mothers, working gals, housewives, what have you), but then you see something like that sharp coat Mrs. Beckham is wearing (another potential this week) and you think “ahhhh, fashion!” and also something like that intriguing dress on Christina Ricci and you think “ahhhh, fashion and art!” and all of a sudden everything else looks so, so lame and uninteresting. All of a sudden we’re thinking not as the people we’ve become but as the people we once were in terms of fashion: daring and goddamn cool.”

There is nothing I love more than a nicely-fitted garment and appropriate attire (I’ll pass on the sensible!)  but sometimes, it takes a long-standing friend to knock you to your fashion senses with a gentle shove. Okay, it was more like a kick in the rump, but it was well-deserved, since I almost passed on this gorgeous frock worn by Christina Ricci. The material and colour give off some kind of ethereal allure, like she is floating on air while the dark edging sharpens it up a bit,  keeps it from being too dainty looking, definitely something to stay away from when you are as petite as Ms. Ricci.

What do you think of Christina Ricci’s ‘Look of the Day’?