Stocking Stuffers with a Purpose!

I have my Christmas shopping done early in the holiday season, I am not a fan of busy malls. And nothing disappoints me more than surfing the web for my gifts only to find that almost everything I would be interested in, is “temporarily unavailable online”.  I don’t get stressed out about holiday shopping like I used to but one area of Christmas shopping that really gets to me is the little bits and bobs that go into our stockings. My friends tell me to not be so picky and find little things to stuff into the stockings, regardless of what they are but I just can’t do it. Its not so much as being picky as it is that I find it a complete waste of money to purchase junk just to use as filler and I often think about all the junk we have in general lying around in our houses that I just can’t contribute to excessive waste. (I have the same problem when it comes to what to put in loot bags for birthday parties)
Now then, since I have jumped off of my soapbox, I will tell you about these cute Snowman Kits I came across online at Restoration Hardware.

It comes with the basic essentials and you can still make the snowman your own with some personalized embellishments.
I know you can build one of these jolly old fellas with your two hands and a carrot but I thought this would be the perfect example of a stocking stuffer that had a purpose and was adorable at the same time.  Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the page.